On a Monday evening in July a small group sat outside around a low wooden table for a gathering  inaugural Slow Supper "In Pursuit of Slow Living". It was an unusually steamy evening under the bamboo-covered arbor at my bungalow. Santa Barbara typically cools dramatically at dusk, but on this particular night the day's heat lingered, leaving beads of perspiration on the water carafes. I scrapped my plan to grill sourdough over an open flame and added ice to my old copper pot filled with bottles of Storm Wines and sparkling water. Five Santa Barbara creatives gathered on Moroccan pillows -- each one of them women who aspire to and bring into practice unhurried, sensory lives through their work. 

Slowness being the theme of our first supper, it's a tribute to the sensual pleasures: of savoring life at a pace that contemporary life does not seem to encourage. In this way we see slowness as an act of rebellion: but for one night, ditch the phone, light candles, sit low to the ground and savor the flavor on your tongue, the music in the air, the .  






Hana-Lee Sedgwick, sommalier and writer of @wanderandwine

Minka Robertson Stevens, doctor of Eastern Medicine at @pointsofhealth

Maj Henriques, Danish expat, designer at @creativenotes and art director behind plant-based meal delivery service @simplefeastofficial

Jo Landis Shields, California native and pilates instructor (and phenomenal home chef) and

Danielle Rubi, photographer/videographer, and former Paris collaborator of the late Anthony Bourdain @daniellerubiproductions