The Journal

A byproduct of the 2020 crises was a sort of masterful collective culling of our lives. For example, most businesses (if they survived) shifted priorities. I spent the pandemic questioning what Olivia Joffrey was both communicating in our design work and offering our customers. Something felt unfinished and a little hollow. more

September in Santa Barbara is the peak of our summer. August, September and October are much less foggy than the early summer months in our central coast zone. The trees aren’t so much changing color yet as wilting under the relentless sun. It is a time of year that reminds me that more

On a Monday evening in July a small group sat outside around a low wooden table for our inaugural Slow Supper No. 1 "In Pursuit of the Slow" . It was an unusually steamy evening. Santa Barbara typically cools dramatically at dusk, but on this particular night the day's more