The Journal

It seemed fitting that our third Slow Supper, in November, honor our local harvest. Living in fertile Santa Barbara, I've met some extraordinary chefs, winemakers and ranchers; our city is nestled between one of the most productive agricultural regions in California. I felt it would be meaningful to honor these people of the land more

In the digital landscape we all inhabit, an unplugged meal can be a sort of time travel. At each Slow Supper, a new caftan silhouette is debuted and feted with a warm welcome. Our Slow Suppers are a laboratory for slow living -- and a chance to eat and drink with interesting people. Occasionally we will share thoughts and observations in slow living, which can be found here in the Journal.

Early fall in Santa Barbara is our true summer. August, September and October are much less foggy than the early summer months in our central coast zone. The trees aren’t so much changing color yet as wilting under a relentless sun. It is a time of year that reminds me more

On a Monday evening in July a small group of friends sat outside around a low wooden table for our inaugural Slow Supper No. 1. It was an unusually steamy evening. Santa Barbara typically cools dramatically at dusk, but on this particular night the day's heat lingered, leaving beads of more