Our Values

Our values


The Olivia Joffrey collection launched in 2016 as a tribute to my mother and her adventurous life lived abroad in the 1960s and 70s. From the Spanish writer’s colony where Anne-Marie lived, she fell into an hypnotic, slower pace of life. Wake with the sun, slip on a cotton dress, walk to the mercado, work, meet at the beach with friends, afternoon siesta, evening el paseo, etc. Anne-Marie returned from Spain to her life in California with lessons in simplicity and an attention to a certain graceful rhythm of life. With Olivia Joffrey, each caftan is a talisman of this transformative way of living.


Salud, amor, pesetas. Y tiempo para Gastarlas

Health, Love and Money. And the time to spend them.


Slow Living

The Olivia Joffrey Studio makes dresses that bespeak slow living. Slow living is a movement about creating opportunities to disconnect and be more present. In a world that is aching to unplug, we offer a limited-edition collection of caftans inspired by my mother’s small trunk of cotton dresses she brought to Spain in the 1960s to serve as her daily uniform when living abroad.

Ecological and Local

Olivia Joffrey is as small as we are slow. Our designs are created at our Santa Barbara studio, with pieces being sewn at a boutique manufacturer in nearby Downtown Los Angeles. By keeping our production radius tight, we eliminate costly shipping, fuel, and environmental waste. In addition to our Made-in-California pledge, as of Spring 2022, our caftans are transitioning to 100% vintage deadstock textile sources. 

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