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Inez Cabana Dress
Bougainvillea Stripe

Inez Cabana Dress
Bougainvillea Stripe

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The Inez Dress is effortless, sexy, and suggestive of a life of ease. Rendered in the softest pale red stripe deadstock poly-cotton blend. The fit of the Inez it is loose, and slips effortlessly over the head. The narrow silhouette achieves mobility via a deep slit in the front panel. Three-quarter length sleeves, classic Moroccan caftan neckline. Unlined. Machine wash, dry flat.

If Inez were a person, she would be a bastion of local street cred.

  • She drives her immaculate 1970 Ford Galaxy to the market, playing Bikini Kill.
  • Her first crush was a blue haired skateboarder named Max who is now a celebrated buddhist monk.
  • Under her caftan are tan lines deemed illegal in most states.
  • If you spun her around in a blindfold, she could still take you --by sheer internal compass-- to the best taqueria in town.
  • Her guacamole is a secret recipe passed down from her abuela, Maria Cortez de la Fuente y Moros.
  • She drizzles fresh lime onto cantaloupe.
  • She scrawls love notes onto the petals of bougainvillea blossoms – and drops them into her children’s lunch boxes.


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