About us

About the brand

Olivia Joffrey is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Santa Barbara. We produce limited-edition, small batch collections of dresses, decor, stationery, and art sold via our online shop. Since 2016, Olivia Joffrey has enchanted customers with stories and photographs from the decade her mother spent an expat in a midcentury Spanish writer's colony. We seek to delight with lush storytelling and exquisitely crafted pieces that bespeak a life that is slow, simple and sensual.

About Olivia

Olivia Joffrey was raised by two native New Yorkers in a Santa Cruz beach house full of books and records. She writes, paints, illustrates and designs clothing.  The impetus behind her collection can be traced back to Olivia's first career in architecture and urban design. A caftan is like a courtyard: private, mysterious, contained and designed for the pleasure of its inhabitant.  

The Olivia Joffrey Manifesto

1. Time is the truest luxury.

2. Ease is elegant.

3. Slow is sensual.

4. Paying attention is prayer.

5. Possession of fewer, more meaningful things lends to more affection and appreciation for them (books, records, food, and friends around the table notwithstanding...)


Features + Benefits



Refined dresses that celebrate the poetry of fabric moving with your body.


Liberation is a dress – no more separates to coordinate. Our dresses are both casual and sophisticated and can be layered with our chic lounge pants for a Moroccan silhouette


Clothing designed with fabrics that skim the body in an intoxicating way. Home textiles and stationery that are unusually pleasing in your hand.


All textiles are sewn in partnership with our boutique manufacturer in Los Angeles. All paper goods are printed at a family-owned printer in Fremont.


We are slow fashion: small batch, timeless, well crafted pieces produced within a small radius of our studio. Textiles are primarily deadstock and paper products produced from recycled stock.